What is involved in the Logo Design Process?

Logo Design Process

  1. Introduction E-mail/Phone Call
    1. Discovery / Questions
      1. Business Type
        1. Industry
        2. National or International Product (Effects: Colors, typography and general layout)
        3. Target End Users
      2. Client Color Preferences
        1. Educating client how colors effect end users
      3. Review Budget Restrictions
  2. Learn Client Business
    1. Research Clients Services
    2. Research Industry
    3. Competitors
    4. Study Target Market
  3. Begin Drawing
    1. Use Information From research
    2. Combine Elements
    3. Implement fonts
    4. Choose colors
  4. Finalize Drawings
    1. Clean
    2. Ink
    3. Prep
  5. Scan Completed Drawings
  6. Import into Illustrator
    1. Live Trace
    2. Convert and Clean Points
    3. Add colors
  7. Select Pantone Colors
    1. Add fonts into design
    2. Create Variations
  8. Proofing
    1. Develop on-line viewing area
    2. Proof Logos with clients
    3. Review and Changes
  9. Update changes
    1. Update Online Preview Area
  10. Finalize Logo
    1. Prep Logo
  11. Trademark Logo Prep
    1. Black and White Pre
    2. Color Prep
  12. Artwork Delivery to Client (Multiple Formats Provided)
    1. EPS
    2. PDF
    3. Illustrator

Whats are acceptable formats to be delivered to Elemental for graphics development?

In order to ensure that your new artwork comes out as incredible as possible, we want to use only the best elements while creating it. So its essential that you provide us all artwork in industry ready format and photography in the highest resolution possible.

Acceptable Logo Formats are: Adobe Illustrator  ||  Adobe PDF  ||  EPS

Photography Should be provided in: High Resolution JPG’s  ||  TIFF ||  Adobe PDF

How much does a website cost?

Every website just like every client is unique, therefore each solution must be created for the needs of the client and the industry. Elemental Studios provide 1 free hour of consultation with a website development specialist to help learn about your business, your needs and your goals. This allows us to understand needs vs wants, budgetary constraint that allows us to work along side you to create your solutions final blueprint.

We understand that sometimes your starting website marketing budget cannot cover everything you envision from the very beginning of development. Elemental Studios always builds solutions that allow your site to grow as your business grows. This lets you get your  business presence online and then work toward accomplishing 2nd, 3rd and 4th Phase projects as they become available in the marketing budget. Our development team has over 20 years of combined experience and will work alongside you to build a foundation that is flexible with the ability to expand.

What is involved in the Website Development Process?

  1. Introduction Email/Phone Call
  2. Meeting Set Up (in person if possible)
    1. Learn Client Business; Discovery
    2. Outline Website or Project Requirements.
    3. Make Recommendations, and Suggest/Discuss Option
  3. Development of Project Brief and Requirements Doc.
  4. Presentation of Prototype
  5. Client review and confirmation of brief.
  6. Proposal creation and project quote.
    1. Hosting Recommendations Developed Here
  7. Proposal Delivered to Client with Walkthrough if Desired
  8. Project Start
  9. Design Phase
    1. Discovery (usually has already happened in brief and meetings)
    2. Home Page Design
      1. Revisions and Approvals
      2. Revisions and Approvals
    3. Internal Website Page Designs
    4. All Items Finalized and Approved
  10. Coding and development
  11. Installation of any carts and security
  12. Beta Testing
  13. Client Beta Testing
  14. Client feedback and Changes
  15. Go Live
  16. Updates and Maintenance