It’s Coming Miami….ARE YOU READY?

“At a football club, there’s a holy trinity: the players, the manager and the supporters.” – Bill Shankly

Elemental Studios is proud to announce our partnership as the official design firm for the Miami FC’s Dade Brigade.  We have the distinct pleasure of providing the Essential Elements to help promote their web, social media, television/video, apparel and print campaigns needed to push the Brigade and the FC to new heights.

“Membership to the Brigade is open to anyone who wants to STAND, CHANT, and SUPPORT our Miami FC. We look forward to welcoming those with a similar passion for soccer, Miami, and our young club into our ever-expanding family. Together we will push Miami FC to new heights.”
“We are ULTRA FIDELIS! The most faithful. The Dade Brigade”

“Are You?!”

Love Soccer? Love Free SWAG?

Simply hashtag #esbiggerdreamsin16 on Facebook to win your chance at a free “5 Star General” Membership package” from The Dade Brigade. The Winner will be announced on Facebook one week before the season opens. Here is what the lucky winner will receive:

  • Dade Brigade T-Shirt
  • 2015 Dade Brigade Lightweight Scarf
  • 2015 Dade Brigade Knitted Jacquard Scarf
  • 2015 Dade Brigade “Terrible Towel”
  • Dade Brigade Member EXCLUSIVE Pricing for Miami FC Season Tickets
  • 2015 Dade Brigade membership card that can be used for discounts and specials at local stores, restaurants and bars
  • Discount pricing for special events and road trips
  • Discount pricing for additional membership items such as shirts and scarves