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This Happens Every 60 Seconds Online in 2018

How much data is published on the web? A lot of. Very much. We share, like, pin and stream something together. Exactly how important the online web is, this infographic shows facts and figures. It is now the sixth edition of DOMO, which collected facts and figures about our online activities. They visualized that in the […]

WordPress 5.0: How and When to Update

Article originally posted by https://www.wordfence.com WordPress 5.0 is being released tomorrow, December 6th. This release contains a major change to the WordPress editor. The new editor, code-named Gutenberg, is a substantial leap forward in functionality. It uses a new block-based system for editing which allows you to embed a wide range of content in your […]

Best Android apps in 2018

Article originally by: https://www.androidcentral.com/best-apps-android By:  ARA WAGONER Our phones are pocket-sized supercomputers with professional-grade cameras and battery for days, but without the apps to take advantage of it, what would be the point? There are millions upon millions of Android apps that transform our phones from shiny glass slabs into productivity powerhouses, and over the last year, […]


SMALL BUSINESS, TIPS & TRICKS, WORDPRESS NOV82018JACKIE DANA – Article Originally From www.namemcheap.com  Gutenberg: the biggest name in WordPress right now. No, not Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type that led to a printing revolution in 15th century Europe. When we say Gutenberg, we mean the upcoming WordPress version 5.0 release. In anticipation of this change, we dug into […]

What’s New in WordPress 5.0, Plus What to Expect From the Gutenberg Editor

Original Article from: https://themeisle.com – By JOHN HUGHES Each time a new version of WordPress rolls out, we’re all excited about getting to play with its new features. However, few versions in the past have garnered as much buzz around them as WordPress 5.0 because of these two simple words: Gutenberg Editor. No, we’re not talking about the […]


JACKIE DANA – Namecheap Data breaches and violations of our privacy seem to be a daily occurrence. From Edward Snowden’s bombshell that the American government tracks its citizens to Cambridge Analytica collecting Facebook data from millions of people to allegedly influence the 2016 US presidential election, it’s clear that a lot of our personal information is out there. And it’s […]

The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide – Step by Step (2018)

Article Origin https://www.wpbeginner.com WordPress security is a topic of huge importance for every website owner. Each week, Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for phishing. If you are serious about your website, then you need to pay attention to the WordPress security best practices. In this guide, we will share all the […]

4 WordPress Maintenance Tasks You Should Have Performed Regularly

Article originally from https://www.a2hosting.com Running a website is, in many ways, much like running a business. Behind every successful site you visit, there’s a lot of work that goes on in the background to keep things running smoothly. Without that regular maintenance, your website might not be able to achieve its full potential. The good news […]

How the Wordfence Scanner Protects Your Site

This entry was posted in Wordfence, WordPress Security on May 21, 2018 by Dan Moen When we think about Wordfence and how it improves your WordPress security posture, there are two core features we tend to focus on: the firewall, and the security scanner. As the first layer of defense, the Wordfence firewall gets the most attention because it […]