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Say hello to WooCommerce 2.5 “Dashing Dolphin”

Today we’re proud to release WooCommerce 2.5 “Dashing Dolphin” into the wild! 2.5 has been in development for ~5 months and has seen around 1600 commits from 42 contributors. This is another evolutionary release which focusses on improvements to existing functionality, as well as stability and performance. We do however have some new features to mention in 2.5 which developers […]

Android M Is Here, and So Is Google’s Smartphone Future

The future of Android is here. Android M (I’m still hoping for Muffin) is the software that will power Android smartphones starting this fall. Aesthetically, everything looks familiar, but there’s a lot buried under that Material Design exterior. Let’s take a look.the App Permissions Google’s Senior VP Sundar Pichai introduced M saying that Android focused […]

WordPress 4.1.2 Security Release

Posted April 21, 2015 by Gary Pendergast. Filed under Releases, Security. WordPress 4.1.2 is now available. This is a critical security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. WordPress versions 4.1.1 and earlier are affected by a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could enable anonymous users to […]

4 Tips For Hiring The Right SEO Firm

Article BY: Forbes You’ve got a problem. You’ve been tasked with hiring an search engine optimization (SEO) firm to provide various online marketing services to your company. You went out and did a search on Google for “[your geographic location] + seo” and got a list of 300+ SEO firms. You start contacting the firms […]

The psychology of design explained

Article courtesy of: http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/ Anna Richardson Taylor explores the importance of an understanding of psychology when it comes to design What does the World Wide Fund for Nature’s logo have in common with a jar of Waitrose Honey? They both use a stylised image of an animal, and are examples of simple yet effective design. They […]