The Importance Of Branding In Internet Marketing

The Importance Of Branding In Internet Marketing


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Internet marketing is by far the best way to make money online. The problem with Internet marketing is the same as with every business: there are people that are making no money and there are people that are making a lot of money.

Working your way up from somebody that is making no money from Internet marketing to somebody that is making a lot of money is not going to happen overnight. You have to put in the time and work and you have to make realistic goals. One of the best ways to establish yourself as an authority online is to develop your brand name.

Your brand name is going to determine whether or not people will come to your site and subscribe or leave and never come back. Brand names should be trusted, which means you’ll need to deliver honesty throughout all of your posts. Here are a few suggestions and how to develop your brand name to succeed with Internet marketing.

3 Words Or Less

Brand names make Internet marketing a lot easier. When somebody is familiar with the brand name they do not worry about trust and they know they are getting honesty throughout each and every post. Your brand name should be three words or less so that it is easily remembered by all of your customers and readers.

Choosing a brand name that is three words or less is vital for Internet marketing. Let’s take a blog about weight loss as an example. There are thousands of possibilities for creating a brand name around the niche of weight loss. Some examples could include “Weight Loss Tips,” “Weight Loss Products” or “Lose Weight Now.”


One of the best ways to start establishing your brand is to have a logo designed. It doesn’t matter if you are using a web template, a blogger account, a free WordPress site or subdomain of a free host. Having a custom-designed logo is a sign that you take your website seriously.

Getting a custom-designed logo doesn’t mean that you have to go through in SEO company or a marketing firm. There are a lot of graphic designers that work freelance and can easily get you a great-looking logo for very little money. Sites like eLance and Guru have thousands will of freelancers who will design a logo for around $20-$40. Once you have your custom-designed logo you can upload it to the top of your website page and it will appear on each page of that site no matter what post or article a reader has come to.

Tag Line

A tag line is another aspect of your brand name that should be taken seriously. Internet marketing relies on readers remembering your brand. Coming up with a tag line for your brand is a great way to incorporate your niche into your reader’s memory. Tag lines can also be implemented into your logo to further establish your brand.

Tag lines are usually very short and catchy. Make sure that the tagline is unique and does not infringe upon other websites. There are tons of websites that are devoted to every niche possible online. In order to make your website standout among the rest, you need to have a great tag line along with your logo.


Setting credible goals for your online business is essential to keeping the brand name professional while accomplishing tasks in a time frame that is realistic. You are not going to get your website on the first page of Google within the first month. Developing realistic goals such as getting to page 3 or 4 within a six-month period for low competition keywords is essential to not only making progress but also keeping your spirits up.

Many people believe that making money online happens in a short timeframe. The fact of the matter is that it takes months or even years to establish a brand and start getting regular traffic. Once you have your goals set you will be able to see what is realistic in getting your ranks up in order to set goals for the future.

Marketing Materials

Marketing your site is one of the most important aspects of getting regular followers. Employing different marketing methods such as Facebook, twitter, RSS and Linkedin accounts is essential to getting back links to your site while marketing to a large customer base. If you are going to use social media and RSS for your website it is also a good idea to create an opt in list for e-mail marketing campaigns.

E-mail marketing can offer your readers insight into upcoming posts or promotional deals for your website. Your logo should be incorporated into all of the marketing materials. Marketing is essential to getting your brand name out to readers in order to establish authority in your niche.

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